The Private Sector Technology Group (PSTG) is a broad based group of innovative companies and professionals providing Health Information Technology (HIT) products and services to state governments and federal agencies.  This group's talents and expertise ranges from system design consulting to program operations. The PSTG is a resource for federal and state governments to obtain information regarding the application of information technologies to optimize the delivery of health services administration.

The PSTG is based on collaboration and a “leave your logo at the door” approach to health care system discussions with state and federal partners. The PSTG seeks to provide technical and policy suggestions on matters of significance to the health care system in the United States. The PSTG uses “white paper” committees with broad industry representation and actively seeks guidance and input from public partners in the state and federal government throughout the white paper development process.  Producing, on average, one in-depth white paper per year the final product is always a consensus document with review and comment from our public partners throughout the development process.

The health service industry is going through a once-in-a century transformation.  To better serve the citizenry of our fine country, public and private organizations must work together to bring about change that is effective, efficient, and affordable.  The PSTG’s aim is to provide collaboratively formed and consensus based technical and policy guidance in partnership with federal and state governments aimed at improving the health care delivery system.

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2019 Officers


Lorrie Scardino - Chair

Lorrie serves as Chair of the PSTG and brings her experience working in the Health and Human Services market and as a cross-industry IT Services expert to the role. Her goals for the PSTG are to increase and improve engagement with PSTG member companies and work closely with CMS and the states to provide guidance and influence future directions. 

Blue Tack Consulting, LLC



Todd Marker - Vice Chair

Todd has over 32 years of experience with healthcare implementation and operations.  He has currently been the Account Manager for delivery work with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS).  Todd also has the role of Medicaid Business Services Leader for Accenture’s MES practice.

Charlie Goldberg.png

Charlie Goldberg - Secretary

Mr. Goldberg has been working in the MMIS industry sector for almost 20 years, serving in a number of capacities. He has assisted states with procurement planning and execution, options analysis, implementation project management, and IV&V. For the past 5 ½ years he has worked for an MMIS/Fiscal Agent vendor on strategic initiatives as well as business development. Prior to 2001, he worked with private sector hospitals, health systems, and managed care organizations, including over ten years with Kaiser Permanente. 


Slen Headshot.jpg

Joshua Slen - Past Chair

Joshua has served on the PSTG Board since 2011. Joshua currently holds the post of immediate past chair having previously served as both Board Chair and Treasurer. Joshua has 27 years of experience working for and with state governments. He is committed to improving health outcomes and is passionate about system level improvements. PSTG plays an important role by supporting the development of consensus industry positions to support positive change in the IT supporting health systems.

Health System



Tony Franklin - Treasurer

Tony serves as the PSTG treasurer and brings his experience working in Medicaid as well as the Health and Human Services market where he serves as an MMIS Practice Director for his firm to the role. His goals for the PSTG in 2019 are to manage the finances for PSTG and work with member companies to help get them engaged in PSTG in order to help guide the industry in an ever changing market as well as work with CMS on initiatives.   

Cambria Solutions Inc.