Message from the Chair

The Private Sector Technology Group (PSTG) Board thanks you for your support of and participation in the organization. Over the past year, PSTG has:

  •  Nearly doubled PSTG membership, from 34 member companies in January 2018 to 67 by the end of the year

  • Collaborated with CMS throughout the year on a number of topics, bringing the information back to the PSTG members

  • Implemented quarterly All Member Calls, with several opportunities to talk with CMS leadership

  • Secured two positions on CMS’ MITA Governance Board, to ensure that the private sector’s views are well represented

  • Participated in the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC), in planning for, sponsoring and delivering content

  • Revised the All Industry Meeting set-up at the MESC, which resulted in four dynamic workgroups that provided input to the Board for future PSTG activities

  • Wrapped up the Modularity Survey Committee

  • Developed a presentation to communicate the Reuse Committee’s research and analysis

  • Modernized the PSTG brand and logo to reflect the collaboration of our member companies

  • Redesigned the www.pstg.org website and updated our social media presence

In 2019, the PSTG has chartered a new committee, the Agile/Dev Ops Committee. This ad hoc committee will identify and communicate agile practices that have been successfully implemented in the Medicaid space, with the goal of increasing adoption and driving positive outcomes for states and vendors. We will participate at the 2019 Health Information Technology Conference in the industry-only session workshop entitled “Agile Best Practices in Medicaid .“  We also fielded a survey to capture our member companies’ views on MITA priorities, the results of which will be shared with CMS leadership and the MITA Governance Board.

If you would like to continue your membership in the PSTG, please follow the link below to register and pay your 2019 dues.


Should you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the PSTG Board.

PSTG Board members:

Lorrie Scardino - Chair: lscardino@bluetackconsulting.com

Todd Marker – Vice-Chair: toddmarker@mindspring.com

Charlie Goldberg - Secretary: charles.goldberg@HEALTHEC.COM

Tony Franklin – Treasurer: tfranklin@cambriasolutions.com

Joshua Slen – Past Chair:  Joshua.Slen@Health-System-Transformation.com