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Recent PSTG Agile in Action Presentation at MESC 2019

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PSTG Agile Best Practices Survey and Opportunity to Participate in Committee

The Agile Best Practices Committee’s mission is to engage PSTG member organizations to identify best practices that have been utilized with government partners and explore how to increase the adoption of Agile.  The committee has developed a survey to gather success stories from organizations using Agile to help develop engaging educational and instructional materials for distribution to member organizations and state partners.

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CMS MITA Governance Board Priorities

Thanks to all the PSTG member companies that responded to our MITA Priorities survey. The results are summarized in the file below.

Survey Results

The survey was conducted from January 22 through February 5, 2019 to obtain PSTG member feedback on the priorities that the CMS MITA Governance Board identified for the next two years.

The priorities included in the survey came from MITA Governance Board members. We asked our member companies if they concur with them and which they think are the highest priority. In addition to sharing the results with our member companies, CMS Data and Systems Group leadership and the CMS MITA Governance Board have been provided with the results.


The PSTG Reuse Committee was chartered for 2018 to explore practical applications for reuse in modular Medicaid Enterprise Systems. The Committee met throughout 2018 and conducted primary research to identify areas where reuse could accelerate roadmaps for MMIS modernization and the gaps that need to be closed in order to make reuse a realistic option. The Committee’s report was initially presented at the 2018 Medicaid Enterprise System Conference in Portland. It was then refined based on feedback from stakeholders and changes in CMS’ direction for reuse. The PSTG Board wishes to thank Randy Browning, Cognosante, for chairing the Reuse Committee and providing leadership throughout.

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"Considerations for Developing a Uniform Request for Proposals (RFP) Guide" White Paper was revised in August 2018

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"Considerations for Achieving the Objectives of Modularity" White Paper summarizes the results of a collaborative industry survey conducted by the Private Sector Technology Group (PSTG) and the Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG). White Paper was published in May 2018

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"Considerations for the Precertification of Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) Modules" White Paper was published on November 22, 2016

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"Considerations for Regulatory and Policy Revisions Affecting Medicaid Procurements" White Paper was published on January 9, 2015

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